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Goodbye old ghetto beach city...Hello new ghetto beach city.

Im all moved in!! It took 1 trip in the moving truck and 2 trips to 2 different Ikeas but Kyles place is now the Miller residence and it looks great. Oh, and nothing says welcome to the hood like the local gangstas throwing a big party at the park across the street. I see the LAPD takes care of things much quicker than the LBPD.

Thanks again to Eric, Jim, Craig, my random neighbor whose name I can't pronounce, and of course Kyle for making the move go so smoothly.
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Last night I had the misfortune of seeing the ridiculous Britney Spears sing almost live at the House of Blues.

We waited 2 hours in line outside the House of Blues at Downtown Disney all the while entertaining ourselves by rating all the mens and faking cheesy smiles for the news cameras. We had to wait in the poor peoples line so that all the fancy folk who spent $25 at the HOB got let in first. We noticed a sign that said "no phones, cameras, or video" so Evan walked over to the entrance to Disneyland and put our phones and his camera in a locker. While he was gone I ended up making friends with the skanks in line behind me who it turns out both had kids...not all that surprising. They finally started letting our line in around 8pm. After being frisked by the ugliest of the security guards (Evan got the one I was shooting for) we made our way inside the HOB. We found ourselves a really good spot up on the balcony with a full view of the stage. Evan went and got us beer and was appalled that all they sold were cans. He said it made him look white trash and I reminded him who were there to see and how fitting it was.

At about 8:30pm, Franky J came out and sang for about 30 minutes. After he was done singing and the skeez that tried to get in front of me was done stepping on my toes, we waited another 30 minutes for the main attraction. She came onstage at around 9:35pm and was off by 9:50pm. I can only describe the performance as a diet version of the pussycat dolls. The choreography was bad, the lip-syncing was terrible, and her wig and costumes were horrible. It amazed me that she didn't even bother to spit out her gum while attempting to make it look like she was singing. I must admit though, I am surprised she was able to chew gum and dance at the same time...I guess I should give her some credit for that. She sang short versions of about 5 of her old songs and then said "thanks ya'll goodnight" and ran off stage. Everyone stood around looking at each other wondering if that was really the end. After realizing it was we all made our way out.

This is supposed to be the beginning of a comeback????
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It's a special someones birthday today....

Happy Birthday bubs!!
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Since I was tagged I should probably take the time and fill it out. Here goes...

1) Oh what I wouldn't give to be the long lost Skywalker child and live a long time ago in a galaxy far far away....

2) Balloons scare the bejesus out of me...so do clowns. The circus is my worst nightmare.

3) My childhood dream was to be the star of Disney on Ice.

4) Losing my younger brother to leukemia 6 years ago is the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and miss him.

5) My best friend and I used to tell people that we're identical twins and then pretend to not understand why they were so confused (she = 1/2 japanese/1/2 hawaiian, me = as white as they come).

6) Also as a child I dreamed of becoming a tall black NBA star.

7) Sometimes when doin my business on the toilet I pretend that I'm on a talk show talking about my latest movie/cd...Oprah, Ellen, or Larry King depending on my mood.

8) I only half ass pay attention when I'm driving because I'm too busy singing.

9) Cleaning and organizing are a passion of mine. I look forward to the joy of spending a day at home with my good friends Windex, 409, the vacuum, and Mr. Clean.

10) I hate talking about myself.
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